Monday, 7 November 2011

Speed Petting!

Yes, I know it sounds really rude, but it really, really isn't! Last week I went to the Creature Company pet shop, in Wimbledon, to experience "speed petting". It was the same shop where I bought my two ratties, Cusca and Castanha, so I knew what I was getting myself in for! The idea is that you go in on a determined day and "try out" and play with different pets... and I mean DIFFERENT pets :D Every few minutes, Sebastian- the owner- brought a few different animals for us to see, from the smallest to the biggest. Here are some examples:


Winter whites (they change colour if they get really cold!)

- the one we met was NOT in a good mood (and so was respectfully left in the box), never seen such a scary little thing!
Guinea Pig
- so cool!
Mice- small and quick, as you'd expect, but seriously endearing, which you wouldn't.
Rats!- Possibly my favourite animal of all time!
Chinchilla- which I'd never interacted with before, and quickly fell in love with. Probably my next pet.
weird little things... it bit my husband, but melted in the arms of my friend, who just wanted to take it home.
Rabbit- hairy, hairy things
- they jump, they run, they play, they kill things! and they smell. quite a lot.

Myself, Sebastian and the crazy ass ferret.

and finally....
A HEDGEHOG! who knew they could be such cute pets! and soft! well... sometimes.


Bearded dragon, a baby one, which will happily look at you and pose for the camera.


Corn snake
, yellow. I had never handled a snake before... I know it's kinda small and that makes me look like a wimp, but it was a big thing for me.

Justin, from The Suburban Poacher, feeling quite relaxed.

I probably forgot some of them, but the point is that it was brilliant fun and it made me consider having pets that I wouldn't have before... (what would be cooler than opening the door to the postman while using a live snake for a hat?) My favourite was probably the Chinchilla (the rats don't count, I'm too biast towards them..)

Which one has your vote?

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