Sunday, 3 April 2011

Capa/ Cover

I forgot to upload the cover ;)

Esqueci-me de aqui por a capa ;)

NEW BOOK! out now! (in Portugal) eng/pt


"TARDE FANTASTICA" is out now!

Hi everybody! Here are some pictures from my new book "Tarde Fantastica" and its presentation in Oporto, Portugal. It was written by Cristina Carvalho and published by "7 dias 6 noites". It is my first children's book, so obviously I'm over the moon!

Working on it was a lot of fun. They're in Portugal, I'm in England, so everything had to be done via e-mail. It was a bit bizarre (but nice) getting to finally meet everyone in the flesh during the presentations.

We did a few presentation, two in an Oporto school and about three at the Book Fair in Seia (both in Portugal). In the latter kids were a bit younger than expected, so we got a few interesting questions... namely "why are you always smiling?". I just do!

I thought I'd just go and check out the presentations, but as it turned out, the publishers had a different idea: I was to talk to the kids and do my mini bit of the presentation too. I must admit, it caught me by surprise, I was totally unprepared and I did think it was gonna be a truly horrible and cringe worthy experience.... turns out it was actually a lot of fun!! I think I'd really like to do it again!

The author Richard Zimmler acted as a host for the Oporto event, and he was absolutely brilliant! Some people just connect with kids effortlessly!

Well, anyway, here go the pictures, hope you enjoy it!


‎"TARDE FANTASTICA" ja esta a venda!

Ola a todos! Aqui vao algumas imagens do livro "Tarde Fantastica" e apresentacao no Porto, escrito por Cristina Carvalho e editado por "7 dias 6 noites". E o meu primeiro livro infantil e estou bastante orgulhosa :)

Espero que gostem! Toca a comprar! :D

P.S.- Se o virem em lojas ou comprarem, gostava muito (e era-me muito util) saber o que pensam, por favor deixem comentarios francos e construtivos!

double spread, the toy room
pagina dupla, o quarto dos brinquedos

Double spread, the river
Pagina dupla, o rio

Richard Zimmler presenting the book and panel (from left to right: organizing teacher, myself, Cristina Carvalho)
Richard Zimmler a apresentar o livro e painel (da esquerda para a direita: professoara organizadora, eu e Cristina Carvalho)

Myself and Cristina
Eu e Cristina

Myself trying to be interesting :)
Eu na galhofa