Friday, 13 November 2009

Miz Lucas on Stock Illustrations!

My license free illustrations are now available for purchase on! Prices vary according to use and length of license. I will keep uploading new images at least monthly, so don't forget to visit! Enjoy!

New illustration

The goddess of tobacco, done for a project at uni. Finally tweaked it and finished the smoke. enjoy!

Monday, 9 November 2009


I'm sorry I've not been posting much recently, I been swamped with the bad kind of work: the one that may or may not lead me to have a job! From updating my website, to translating my book, to sending industrial quantities of e-mails to publishers (this week, newspapers and magazines), there's been little time for my pretty little blog.

Also, I've had to take a part-time job, pretty easy and fun one, catering and serving at VIP events (last week I served Sir John Major.. oooooooooo!). It's kind of annoying because it takes precious time that could be spent on illustrating pretty things, but it's a change in scenery and although I've only done 4 shifts, I already have stories to tell.... maybe I smell a comic coming up!

In any way, this is my week off, so expect some pretty illustrations by the end of it! I will probably start updating only every two and two weeks, but there will be a newsletter coming soon, so watch this space!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New work!

New work on the website! Visit
Here are a couple of the new images as a taster:
Also, photographs from my MA exhibition's Private View to come on Friday (unless I drink too much and make a fool of myself...)

I'm also polishing some of this year's work, so shouldn't be long until I update the website again :)

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

"The Plan!"

So I've finally finishes sorting out the exhibition. It's looking quite nice! Now this is "The Plan!" (insert suspenseful music) I've found a couple of comics competitions that will be on in the next few months, gonna work for those. From tomorrow I will also start sending thousands of e-mails possibly pestering creative directors and such to start doing some commissions. Which means that, slowly but surely, I will start filling this blog with images again, sketchbook work, little ideas and some of the final stuff (though I'll probably save most of it for my website).

All this to say, don't despair, new work to come soon!

Watch this space :)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Spent yesterday doing my book's cover, hurt my hand and wrist in the process, and I'm back today to do end and title pages... I wish I could draw with my left hand too... In fact, I wish I could also draw with both my feet AND my mouth... I could then rotate, every day a different limb/ mouth and my pain would decrease considerably. Life would be so good!

Saturday, 19 September 2009


I've just uploaded my new website! It will serve as an online portfolio, so I'll be able use this blog in a more intimate way, uploading sketches, plans and personal work.

Go have a look!

It's at

Monday, 3 August 2009


Keepsake is a book I'm developing at the moment. It is about the journey of a boy who tries to retrieve the soul of his recently deceased brother. In the end he realizes that, although his brother won't come back, he will always have the memories of their time together.

The three images below are some of the double pages in the book, although it is not all like that... more to come soon!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Blind Tom

I'd forgotten about this one! Another drawing I did for my first project...

Friday, 8 May 2009

"A little fable", by Franz Kafka

Illustrations for a short text by Kafka, called " a little fable". Not by order... I'm a bit lazy with technology hehe. 

"A little fable" by Franz Kafka

"Alas," said the mouse, "the whole world is growing smaller every day. At the beginning it was so big that I was afraid, I kept running and running, and I was glad when I saw walls far away to the right and left, but these long walls have narrowed so quickly that I am in the last chamber already, and there in the corner stands the trap that I must run into." 
     "You only need to change your direction," said the cat, and ate it up. 

And people still have the nerve to say Kafka he's bleak. I've read this fable dozens of time, and I still can't help myself from giggling hihi. 

Thursday, 7 May 2009

My first shot at children's illustration! Some nursery rhymes from around the world :)

I had a little nut tree

 I had a little nut tree,
Nothing would it bear
But a silver nutmeg,
And a golden pear;
The King of Spain's daughter
Came to visit me,
And all for the sake
Of my little nut tree.

Her dress was made of crimson,
Jet black was her hair,
She asked me for my nut tree
And my golden pear.
I said, "So fair a princess
Never did I see,
I'll give you all the fruit
From my little nut tree.

(British nursery rhyme)

Hush you Mice!

Hush you mice! a cat is near us,
He can see us, he can hear us...
--What if he is on a diet?--
Even then you should be quiet!

(Russian nursery rhyme)

The Rabbit in the Moon

In a small, white boat
In the blue sky
Are a cinnamon tree and a rabbit.
Without sail and without oar,
Yet gliding,
Gliding smoothly to a western shore.

Sailing across the Milky Way
To the land of clouds.
Where does it journey
Beyond the land of clouds?

(Korean nursery rhyme)

Sugar in the coffee-o

Sheep's in the meadow a-mowing the hay.
The honey's in the bee-hive, so they all say.
My head's up and I'm bound to go.
Who'll take sugar in the coffee-o?

I'm the prettiest little gal in the county-o.
My mommy and daddy, they both say so.
I look in the glass, it don't say, "No";
So I'll take sugar in the coffee-o.

(African-America nursery rhyme)


Some 3D work for the same project. 

A few images from the Exploration and Innovation Project at Uni. I wanted to explore Savantism and the overload of information, talent and skill that accompanies it.

Kim Peek.